Sunday, October 12, 2008

please share this blog; and send your comments and news

Hi, everyone. Now that Betty is blogging and I will be posting more regularly, please share this with friends. Also ask them to send an email request to be added to our blog alert list. I really appreciate the comments so far; share your thoughts, and how you're doing wherever you are.
I am very glad Betty is back on her feet, though still in some daily pain. We had a nice stroll today through the hilltop 'village' where we moved in this past week.

Betty will respond to requests for photos before long.


Homer said...


We are working on you email issues and should have them resolve shortly.


TSwan said...

HI Bob & Betty,

Sorry to read about Betty's accident, I hope she is feeling much better. How is her shoulder doing? Sierra Leone sounds like a nice place with great people. This week we are celebrating Momma Dot's 100 Birthday. Miss you and wish you well.


John said...

How did Betty get hurt?

Linda G. said...

Bob and Betty,
Glad to get this site from you to keep in touch. Sorry to hear that Betty took a fall and hurt her shoulder. Hope you heal quickly, Betty. We are doing fine and enjoying some unusually warm weather. Will spend tonight watching election returns so I can keep up with my students. Bob and I send you our best!
Your Cousin,

Doug and Diane said...

I LOVE reading what both of your have written! Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed of your adventure. Also thank you for being such good ambassadors!