Thursday, November 13, 2008

Images from Charlotte village (Betty)

I am finally posting images from an earlier visit to Charlotte, which is an amazing village! Small old wooden houses, often called Creole cottages, probably built in the 1800’s or early 1900’, dotted the lush hillside, many surrounded by flowering shrubs. Some were in relatively good shape and even painted and others were falling down but still lived in. A guide appeared and invited us to walk through the village and up to St. John’s Anglican Church built in 1847. The notice board listed the names of some of the members who had made financial pledges. Near the stone built church were the ruins of an even older girl’s school started in 1816. Along the way we were warmly greeted by the villagers, especially the children, and allowed to take photos. Sierra Leoneans have had a really long history of interacting with Westerners and more evidence remains from those days than I have seen in many other African countries.


Orjinal delikanlı said...

Vay be buralarda bile internet var heralde.

james said...

Awesome pictures Betty. Sierra Leone looks remarkably similar to Tanzania in many ways. But I think the colors of houses and buildings are much more vibrant three.

VIRUS said...

It looks nice betty, you know how to take a snap