Monday, December 1, 2008

Locked toilets on a college campus

At Fourah Bay College here, one of the most guarded sites are toilets. It took me a while to locate them and then a while longer to discover who had the keys. There is one in my office, though it doesn’t work. There’s another one in the basement of the library and a longtime staff person showed me where the key is kept. When the electric power is off, which happens frequently, you reach that one through a darkened storage room.

There’s yet another toilet in an Administrative/classroom building. The custodian has a key; so does at least one of the Administration officials. None of these appear to be available to students who would normally have access to the hostels, but they were damaged during violence following student elections earlier this year (2008).


TSwan said...

Good Afternoon Bob and Betty,

Glad to see you acclimating to the country, I'm sure they find you to be very real people in terms that you are honest and hard working. All is well here in the states and I beleive it or not am giving serious thought to going to his inguration (sorry misspelled) as Glria lives very close to DC. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and rest assured I think of you often. Mooma Swan also send here best. Brian is heading to Saudi Arabia soon so looks like I'll be busy spending lots of time thinking of brothers in other places around the world. Keep up the Blog it is great and refreshing to see how you are doing and your continued progress. The articles and the picture are great snap shots of a place I know little about but enjoy reading about. Hint put your selves in some of the pix. It would be great to see you.

Love Terrence (the king) Swan

PS. Hope you get a smile out of that one!!

Tonya said...

Hi Dr. Press,

I'm so jealous to see you are back in Africa! I, too, feel it is one of my homes now--though an area much farther south than SL. I joined the Peace Corps just after graduating from USM (where I was in one of the first classes you ever taught there!) and was posted to Malawi. I won't go into details here, as it would take pages, but suffice it to say the 2-year experience was life-altering. I am desperately searching for a means to return to the mother continent, asap! I am currently working for a nonprofit health agency and looking into graduate programs. I am glad to have found your blog, I will be keeping up with you and your adventures around Sierra Leone from now on!

Take care, Tonya

William said...

Hey Bob! Finding the keys to the throne room is no small achievement, especially if you have to acclimate to new foods. When I was in Senegal and Mali, I couldn't figure out why my gastrointestinal system was seriously in revolt. After a week or so, I dropped eating everything but a daily mouthful of cashews (yep, an unplanned diet) trying to get the problem under control. No such luck. Turns out it wasn't the food, it was the drink! The COFFEE was so strong, it was acting as a laxative! (I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know, but this might be valuable information....) later! w