Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scholarships needed for these children

• On a very modest scale, Betty Press ( had a few readers of this blog respond to her notice that $60 pays for one term of education for children at the Cardiff Preparatory school near our apartment. She has in mind families the principal has identified whose parents have died and who are being raised by their grandparents or whose income is limited. Raven Wilke, back in our U.S. hometown of Hattiesburg, MS. has taken this to another level, raising funds for these children with local fundraiser. A big thank you to Raven for doing this. But more help is always needed. Image shows Sarah and Jestina who are in need of scholarships.


jab2067 said...

Betty or Bob,

How can I contribute $60 to this scholarship?

John Burrell

John Dane said...

Bob or Betty,

We would like to know how to contribute to the scholarship, too. Can you let us know?

Wendy and John Moorhead