Saturday, March 7, 2009

new photos by betty

See February entries for new photos by Betty of Sierra Leone school children.


Bob Press; Betty Press said...

This is from Ross Matteson: I am inspired by the progress represented in this assignment. I wish I had been given a similar assignment in public school. In about 1970 near Seattle, Washington, USA, I ended up in the principal's office for an effort to have the nearly all white school respectfully recognize the life of Martin Luther King Jr! I think that all of our collective community service efforts will bless many.

Ross Matteson

Dave Horn said...

Jim Champaign shared your blog with me, Bob. Good to know what you and Betty are up to. Dave Horn, Carmel, Indiana

William said...

Hey Bob, these are some wonderful "on the ground in SL" pictures that really tell a story. The one of the three little school girls is just beautiful!