Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heading to Sierra Leone, just as a former journalist colleague is prepring a cover story for The Christian Science Monitor magazine on myths we have about Africa. Honestly, what are the first images you have when you think of Africa? If you've had the good fortune to have visited the continent, the images may be of beautiful landscapes, hard-working families, playful children, bustling cities, and yes, slums, poverty and dirt roads. But Africa is moving ahead. More democracy, better health, more education, and more wealth - a growing middle class.

Sierra Leone is moving ahead too, in terms of peace after a civil war. I will be glad to see some of my former students. We want to see if some of them can work with local SL ngos to continue their human rights education efforts.

Well, we're packed. Flying Thursday to London, then after a week with our foster daughter, off to SL. See you there.

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